"Bluebird" shawl

The blue bird. It brings calmness, cosmic silence and freedom. It brings dragons, unicorns, horses and rebirth – everything is here, in this place. The embroidery was inspired by the Russian north, so there is a lot of symbolism in this held back design. With her wide spread wings the bird protects a metaphorical girl on a unicorn. The bird has many different names – Simurg, Simargl, Senmurv, Sirin, Blue Bird – all coming from ancient tongues – Zoroastrian, Indo-European, Iranian, Turkic... Everything in this world has blended together over the millennia. The bird of many names – she who stores the seeds of the World Tree, she who flies through the time, she who protects all living things in this world.

Russian Fairytales

Tale of sense, if not of truth… It’s no secret that we discover this world through fairytales, we know the archetypes, the heroes, the heroines. “Russian Fairytales” collection is comprised of scarves, which craft images and create feelings.