Silk stories about Russia
Fabulous stories about Russia told on natural silk. Sirinbird is a collection of clothes and accessories dedicated to the unique diversity of Russia's stylistic heritage. Sirinbird brand was created by Russian designer Irina Batkova in 2013. All Sirinbird prints are designed and drawn solely by Irina. Graphics on Sirinbird scarves is truly “alive”, because first it appears as a pencil sketch on paper, then it’s carefully drawn on computer, then adapted to be put on silk and then finally produced in Italy. Premium Russian brand Sirinbird produces silk accessories that reflect the beauty of Russian myths and legends, which tell amazing stories, and teach Russian culture. The DNA of the brand is Birdwoman, Sirin Bird. Sirin is a mythical character from Slavonic legends, half-bird, half-woman. In medieval Russian legends Sirin is an edenic bird living in the Iria, the Paradise of ancient Slavs, where a tree with apples of youth grows. Sometimes she’d come down to Earth to sing a prophetic song about the coming bliss. But only people with pure intentions can enjoy the song. Evil ones will lose their mind; go mad, unable to hear the beauty unfit for them. Dropping her thick waves of curls Tossing her head back Casts Sirin her glance Full of unknown bliss. A. Block

Visual language

The Sirinbird visual language is emotional, modern, sophisticated and meaningful. Every scarf is a multilayered story, and its peculiar ornament is only the top layer of the whole narrative. Just like any other story, these tales have heroes, drama, vibrations and style, every detail plays its role – from authentic ornaments of Russian wooden architecture to fresh approach to Khokhloma and traditional slavic ornaments, from tales about Rusalka to legends about magic, death and resurrection, in which the legendary Sirin bird and Yuri Gagarin settle together pretty well. Sirinbird scarves are produced on natural silk in Italy at one of the best textile manufactories.

The idea that we have in mind and that we turn into reality is above the standard approach to accessories.

Our Mission

We aim to build a domestic premium brand, which will tell about Russian culture, history and soul, both within the country and around the world. Our audience is people, who long for their history, their roots and heroes, people who love Russia, Pushkin, Lermontov, Lomonosov, who love fairy tales, epic poems, nature, worldly and spiritual culture, people who could never accept the term “barbarians living from mineral resources”, people who see their soul in traditional patterns, who appreciate global cultural trends, but prefer to have a choice between exotic panthers with palm trees and Gagarin with Sirinbirds. 

“Our cultural heritage is unique and diverse, cultural layers create a rich soil for creativity, for search and discovery. For a long time during the soviet period there was nobody to study and cherish our traditions – noble class was extinct, intellectuals were mostly occupied in applied sciences. So it’s really important now to resurrect, discover, study and preserve as much of Russian heritage as we can. The bridge between generations was also corrupted when crafts, history and philosophy were passed on in the family or to apprentices. For every scarf’s design I’m looking for non-standard solutions, for relevant and meaningful graphics. I want to talk about our history, about our rich and unique culture, to speak a sensual, emotional, modern and trendy language. I’m sure that “Russian style” is a timeless concept and our cultural heritage is one of the most extensive, comprehensive and exciting in the world, and I want to transcribe it into the modern context, make it recognizable and attractive for people from all over the world.”

– Irina Batkova, Sirinbird founder and designer