Questions and answers

I. Questions on care

1. How should I care for Sirinbird silk scarves?

Sirinbird scarves are made from natural high quality silk and require delicate care. It’s best to have them dry cleaned as per recommendation of our Italian partners, primarily due to the edging. If you prefer to clean the scarf yourself, use body temperature water, do not soak the scarf, do not rub or squeeze it. It’s recommended to use liquid detergents for silk. Iron it with steam or at the lowest temperature level. Do not dry your scarf in the sun to prevent the colors from fading. Do not iron the piping on the edge of the scarf.

2. How can I make my scarf softer?

Sometimes after a long storage, the top coat of paint on new scarfs stiffens a little and the scarf seems to be rough to the touch. In this case take the scarf cornerwise and pull it a little, shake. Fibers will become more elastic, and your scarf will get softer.

II. Questions on pricing

1. Why do Sirinbird scarves cost this much?

A combination of factors affects the price. We make our scarves from natural high-quality silk, at a premium Italian production facility, produce small circulations and use only high quality auxiliary materials.

Not everyone knows but silk could be natural, made of the silkworm thread, and artificial made of synthetic acetate. Label “100% silk” can mean both, but the quality of natural silk could never be compared to artificial. The latter is much cheaper, much easier to work with and to apply paint to. We made a choice in favor of natural silk, it’s alive, it consists of different treads, some thicker, some thinner, it has bumps. This is natural, high-quality material, durable and pleasant to use and all that of course affects its price.

Sirinbird scarves originate from one of the best Italian factories, sharing it with top fashion brands. This guarantees quality control, finest materials and diligent hand craft, essential for creating any premium product.

It is no secret that high-circulation production is always more profitable due to cost reduction. Small circulations on the contrary provide original products in limited editions, but the cost per unit in this case is quite high. We do not aim to fill stores with our product. We create limited editions, so that our customers could enjoy the originality of every Sirinbird piece.