"Thistle" shawl

A dance of crimson stars, a spray of northern dawn... Thistle is woven from the rays of divine herbs as a reflection of the universe, originates from common Indo-Eurpean history. It is magnificent, it comes from old times, it’s the essence of our earthly brotherhood. Its mythological roots sprout through millennia across the continent. It’s a plant of the rebels, a protector, a savior. The Celts used it, it was the symbol of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Scots has been using it in the coat of arms since the 12th century alongside with the motto “Nemo me impune lacessit” (Nobody touches me unpunished). It was called “odolen-trava” (overpowering grass) or “tryn-trava” (“tryn” is a common Slavic root which means “thorn”, “prickle”, “thorns”). People used it as a protective charm during travelling. In Christianity it became a symbol of earthly trials and struggles. Thistle on the scarf is inspired by ornaments in hand written books, royal decrees, paintings, carvings, tiles, etc. Beautiful and rebellious, thistle means “The one that startles the demons”. Let this scarf be your protective charm.

Russian Fairytales

Tale of sense, if not of truth… It’s no secret that we discover this world through fairytales, we know the archetypes, the heroes, the heroines. “Russian Fairytales” collection is comprised of scarves, which craft images and create feelings.