“Indrik the Beast is the father to all the beasts, and he walks through the underground with his horn, like the Sun through the sky. When this beast goes wild, the Mother-earth beneath him trembles and the Universe shakes. All animals worship him. And no harm comes to them. Because this beast is the Beast of all beasts”.
(“Pigeon Book ”, end of XV – beginning of XVI cc.)

Indra, Indrog, Unicorn – "Father to all beasts". The symbol is so ancient that in the earliest sources he’s referred to as "Mother to all beasts." The ruler of the underground and all its waters, the saviour of the universe during the great drought, Indrik the Beast defeats his cousin, the Serpent. From this proto-myth the myth of St. George the Victorious was born. Indrik is the human memory of mammoths. In fairy tales, heroes often go to get Indrog the magical beast. In some tales, Indrik steals golden apples from the royal garden and not the Firebird. The hero of these tales goes to the underworld to get Inorog and to battle with him, after which Indrik becomes the hero’s magical assistant and helps him get what he wants.
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