"Mistress of Copper Mountain" mask (2)

Queen of gems, mountains, rocks. She knows the secrets of beauty, the eternal mysteries of art, the joy creation. She appears in green copper silk, whipping away all trivial thoughts with her glaring lashes. Her zestful eyes fascinate and frighten, you forget everything and stay in her wonderful world forever. She is the brisk reptile flicker between hot stones, a simple lizard will never wear her crown.

Hers is the Copper Mountain, known as Gumeshevsky mine, which you can find in the Urals in a place called Polevskoy. It’s one of the oldest deposits of copper in the world, which appealed to craftsmen since the 1500 years B.C.

Lizards we see today are the echoes of an eternal and mysterious world of the Copper Mountain Mistress, hidden from eyes of a human. It’s a world of secret tales, of old Ural speakings, which were carefully collected and preserved a century ago by Pavel Bazhov.