"Kalinov most" masks

Kalinov bridge connects two banks of the Smorodina River. Smorodina is a fiery, seething river, and Kalinov bridge is burning and red-hot. Feather light souls cross this bridge. And they can never go back. This place is guarded by the serpent called Zmei Gorynich. Later on Baba Yaga will live here in her chicken-legged hut. In prehistoric times this was the kingdom of Morena, Morgana or Mara (who became the Snow Queen in later fairy tales). Morena made sure that events were taking the right course, she kept peace between the worlds. Wise snakes, wolves and crows helped her in everything. Many legends and ceremonies still keep the image of the bridge intact. Meeting someone on Kalinov bridge means to fall in love with marriage being a symbolic death of your old form and rebirth in a new one. It’s hard to believe, but we still burn the bridges when we leave, and having Viburnum (Kalina) near your house is always a good thing.