"Amanitas and butterflies" mask (1)

The power of the magic forest is hidden in the heart of ancient mysterious and evergreen dark wilds. Many towns and villages etymologically root back to their original meanings – “surrounded by woods” and “behind the ancient forest", the “behind the three forests”... Forest sheltered, gave strength, food, material for buildings and fur for winter. It was full of creatures, mythical and warm-blooded, without them it was impossible to imagine life and death. You get the cold shivers every time you enter this muted domain with flares pounding on distant light peaks, turning into shades after descending to the ground. The memory of our ancestors’ rises in us and ignites our feelings, emotions and sensations. We remember places of power, we find them and afterwards full of force, we head back to cities and towns. “Amanita and butterflies” scarf was created as a reminder, as an anchor, as a guide to your magical wild forest even if you live far away from it. It will always keep the power and beauty of these enchanting forces by your side.