Sirin Bird lives somewhere on the border of Nothing, right behind the big water, which is neither alive nor dead, just a usual guide to the world of beyond.

The apple tree with Apples of Youth was once a spruce, once an oak, once an ash-Ygdrasil. It also was a birch grove where people came to ask for light.

She was Mara, she was Isis, she was renamed a thousand times. In later mythology, it was established that her tree is a Malus with Apples of Youth. Indeed she never felt her age.

She remembered things of old ¬– herself as Ishtar, through that – Inanna. So many lives, so many songs. These images spread through different mythologies, they covered so many paths, that each has its own name, its own time, its own tale.

The Goddess is a deep female power that grows throughout the millennia. It is she who sings prophetic Sirin Bird songs about eternal bliss in the branches of the World Tree.