«Sirin Bird» jacquard

Imagine silver shades of roof tiles of wooden churches in the Russian North. This is a deep and calm Russian spirit, a quiet guardian with strong symbolism.

This cosmogony reveals the symbolism of weaving in Slavic culture – Spinner was the Goddess of Fate. She wove the life itself with her threads. This is dichotomy of life – black and white threads interweave with one another becoming a collection of silver shades flickering in the light.

All our life is woven from contradictions. The world is neither black nor white. It has a lot of Slavic symbolism, which is encrypted in this protective scarf. It contains Russian fairy tales and Slavic legends – white horse, fire horse, Indra from underground water, the Sirin bird, the hut of Baba Yaga, the guide to the Far Off Land, flights waking and sleeping, and even revived images of Kandinsky, setting off on their own journey through time. This interweaving of threads, destinies and times, woven from light, memories and culture always gives us strength.