Silk Cord Necklace "Russian Idea"

This design is about chthonic, ancient Russia that we inherited with fairy tales. Here stands the Alatyr stone, which is guarded by Indrik, Indrog, Unicorn – the ruler of all underground waters and caves. The stone is still guarding homes, but in the form of an Abashev toy.

Here a hut on chicken legs stands on the border of the worlds – only the worthy will pass all the tests. Be generous and careful, hero, keep your promises and act right. “Volga Ra” is standing here, looking at all four sides, into all worlds at once, writing lifes in pearl ink and keeping them at the bottom of the river, because every life is a pearl.

Here the Virgin with the baby is still alien, out of this world. But it has already intertwined with the lace of the reality and with the images of Russian culture – amulets on wooden platbands are now all about her, helping and protecting us, just like she does. And the ancient shamanic goddesses, although hidden by the shadow of time, help us see the ancient world, help us fly as we dream. Everything is us.