Silk necklace "Russian cosmos" large

Necklace with silk ribbons. Light wooden balls (linden) inside.

Sirin Bird is a mythical creature from Slavic legends, a true bird woman. Her oldest depictions date back to the 10th century. This divine bird lives at Iriy, an early Slavic paradise, where a tree with apples of youth is growing. The bird comes down to earth with one purpose only — to sing a song of the forthcoming bliss and happyness.

Indrik the Beast, better known by the name Unicorn is a creature from early Slavic myths, described in XVI–XVII century glossary books called Azbukovnik. He was depicted on dynasty, state or personal coat of arms of noble Russian families. Before Christianity it served as a symbol of fertility, of Perun God, later on it was a symbol of chastity, purity and truth.

Griffon is a creature with lion's bodand eagle's wings, the head could be eagle's or lion's. In early middle ages it was depicted on military memorabilia, gear and household items as a symbol of protection. Griffons guarded the Riphean Mountains which were a gateway to the Vyryi. They also protected the passage from Yav to Nav.