Silk necklace "First cosmonaut" large

Necklace with silk ribbons. Light wooden balls (linden) inside.

This scarf tells an ancient legend of the bird called Sirin, or the Firebird, or the Phoenix bird, which burns down every autumn to be reborn in the spring. This scarf is about Sirin’s magical feather which can illuminate the whole world and bring luck and about its reincarnation in the Soviet times – Yuri Gagarin, the first astronaut.
In this cosmogony, the legend of all times leads its story from the center of scarf – from cyan and lilac Land. In Iria, the paradise of ancient Slavs, grows a tree with healing golden apples from the garden of Eden, the childhood of mankind, the childhood, which partly stayed with us through fairy tales. In the branches of this tree lives a bird called Sirin, it’s an edenic bird with a head of a young woman, Christian Russian Phoenix, the Firebird. The first astronaut is the symbol of the new legend; the Sun is reflected on his steel wings. The scarf has both royal Russian ornaments and ancient Slavic patterns.