Kokoshnik "Matrioshka-cosmonauts"

This scarf awakens your ability to dream and to be happy as brightly and sincerely as a child. You remember how it was back then? Sorrow and joy were strong and consuming; the world could change in a moment, turned from friendly and full of happiness into frightening and dangerous. Connections, experiences, recognition bathed and reflected in clean and bright emotions. When a girl ran on the grass and a balloon was tied to her hand, it was happiness, and what a sorrow it was when it came loose and flew into the sky. Her mom tried to comfort her “it’s gone to your Winnie-the-Pooh and butterfly balloons”, but it was no use.
Favorite toys, bright moments, horses, sweet Petushki lollypops, little unknown flowers, plucked in the field – all these glimpses of joy that we keep in our hearts all our lives, all these sparks warm us at all times. Anchors, keys to time, to carefree, alive and huge world, filled with joy of recognition and love.
Sirinbird scarf “Sparks of joy” is a bright, light and open state of mind. Happiness and joy in the flame of our hearts and in the world around us.