Silk necklace "Sirin" set

Two necklaces with silk ribbons. Light wooden balls (linden) inside.

Sirin is a mythical character from Slavonic legends, half-bird, half-woman. It’s a Christianized Russian Phoenix. The oldest images of Sirin date back to the 10th century. In medieval Russian legends Sirin is an edenic bird living in the Iria, the Paradise of ancient Slavs, where a tree with apples of youth grows. Sometimes she’d come down to Earth to sing a prophetic song about the coming bliss. But only people with pure intentions can enjoy the song. Evil ones will lose their mind; go mad, unable to hear the beauty unfit for them. Dropping her thick waves of curls / Tossing her head back / Casts Sirin her glance, / Full of unknown bliss. / A. Block