My Cosmos

Make sure you dream about something as big as the space! The bigger your thoughts, the wider your wings. This cosmogony tells us about eternal harmony, about dancing stars somewhere far above our heads. About singing diamonds and quantum entanglements. Through the sky, far beyond, where distance and time seem completely different, stars lit up and go out, whole galaxies collide. And here goes the signal from Planet Earth through Solar System, then through Alcyone Supersystem and Pleiades Constellation, through Orion Arm and Milky Way Galaxy, through Local Group of Galaxies and Virgo Supercluster, through Laniakea galactic filament, through Pisces-Cetus wall and Perseus-Pegasus galactic filament ¬– though the whole Universe. Galaxies are everywhere – above us and within. Star clusters, interstellar gas, star dust, dark matter, dark energy, planets and most of all – Love.

Different country: Russia

Inspiration from centuries of Russian history, from all the territories it had ever had and  still has, from everything, related to its culture, art and craft, from the variety of cultural layers, from all events, inscribed in its history, from hearts and minds of different generations.