Sirin & Alkonost (Aurora)

Sirin and Alkonost are bird-of-paradise maidens, recreated in a modern embodiment. This design is an ode to Bird Woman, who carries her wings and roots with her everywhere. That is her strength. In the sky, above all passions of this world, Kolovrat – an ancient symbol of the Sun – rotates clockwise, from past and into the future. In this design, Sirin and Alkonost spin the Kolovrat in the sky colored with morning dawn and protective blooming thistle. "No one will touch me with impunity." Each Bird Woman decides for herself what her world is filled with, how it’s preserved and how its light is multiplied. You always have yourself, no matter what happens. You are the source of light.

Different country: Russia

Inspiration from centuries of Russian history, from all the territories it had ever had and  still has, from everything, related to its culture, art and craft, from the variety of cultural layers, from all events, inscribed in its history, from hearts and minds of different generations.