The Cyrillic Alphabet

The first letters of Old Cyrillic alphabet – “Az”, “Buki”, “Vedi”, “Glagol”, “Dobro”, “Est”, “Zhivot”, “Zemlya”, “Izh” – can be roughly translated as “I know the arcane knowledge – good is the highest meaning of life on Earth”.

The Cyrillic alphabet is magnificent in its unique beauty. It’s not just an alphabet, it’s a part of identity, it has depths many know nothing about. Every letter of the Cyrillic alphabet is a word with its own a meaning. “Az” means “I” (as a part of the divine), “D” or “Dorbo” means “good”, “V” or “Vedi” means “to know”, ”to see”, “G” or “Glagolit” is “to speak”.

If you read the alphabet pronouncing letters as words, it will make a set of rules for the righteous life on Earth. Studying the alphabet, a person not only learns literacy, but also learns the rules of life, learns to do good. In this design, there is a story about the first 9 letters that have lived till our days.

The letters are made in Russian teratological style. This is the exact same style these letters were drawn back in the Middle Ages. This very lively, powerful artwork was formed in Russia in parallel with sophisticated floral Byzantine motifs. Through this style our land spoke to us.

Different country: Russia

Inspiration from centuries of Russian history, from all the territories it had ever had and  still has, from everything, related to its culture, art and craft, from the variety of cultural layers, from all events, inscribed in its history, from hearts and minds of different generations.