Alexander Nevsky

In 2015 we celebrate the 775 anniversary of the victory of Alexander Nevsky in the Neva battle in 1240. Commemorating this we developed a limited edition scarf “Alexander Nevsky”. This gorgeous aristocratic piece is made in sunset colors. In the center of the scarf the Alexander Nevsky profile is placed with circles of ceiling decor from the Alexander Nevsky Hall of the Kremlin Palace coming from it. In the corners we put the legendary helmet (the Monomakh's Cap), the main heraldic emblem of the Russian Empire, and the symbol of the order of Alexander Nevsky. This is the only order that was established in Czarist Russia and which remained in Soviet Union and was awarded during the Second World War. The order regained its status in modern Russia. It was established by Catherine I in 1725, and was awarded to civilians for Merit to the Fatherland. Until 1917 it was called the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky. From 1942 to 1991 there was an order of Alexander Nevsky in the USSR which was awarded to commanders of the Red Army. Nowadays the order of Alexander Nevsky reproduces the design of the pre-revolutionary version. Sirinbird scarf “Alexander Nevsky” is a perfect gift for someone special.