The Nutcracker

Over many decades, Souzmultfilm has created a rich collection of animated gems for the winter holidays, but none shines more brightly than “The Nutcracker,” directed by Boris Stepantsev in 1973. Realized from sketches by the artist Anatoly Savchenko, this animated delight has become a favorite among generations of Russian-speaking viewers. The interplay of melodies and swirling images enchants, firing the imagination and sweeping us up in the dance of the boy and the girl, the prince and the princess. And then there’s the scary three-headed Mouse King (how we feared him as children!), and the gallant Nutcracker himself – charming even while trapped in a spell, and the magically sparkling Christmas Tree, the gifts that come to life, the Dance of the Flowers… all set to Tchaikovsky’s timeless music. Here is a masterpiece whose beauty never fades. Designed for Souzmultfilm. ©Souzmultfilm