"Ivan da Marya" mask (2)

Images of this flower are found in architectural masterpieces of different times, in enamels, paintings and books. It seems that this is the most famous and beloved flower in the Slavic land. One of the most beautiful legends is about a young couple Kupala and Kostroma. Only after they’d fallen deeply in love with each other, it was discovered they were siblings. It was all arranged by the pagan gods as a punishment for arrogant Kostroma. After learning the devastating truth Kostroma drowned herself and Kupala perished in fire. The gods took pity on the poor couple and brought the two back together. This is how the blue cow wheat flower appeared, half of its petals is orange, like fire and the other half is purple, like deep waters. That's what happened on the ground. And under the water there were mermaids – true symbols of interseasonal transition and eternal youth of spring nature.