Mask2020 "Matryoshka kosmonauts" (2)

Beauty and humor will save this world. Natural silk, 1 layer of non-woven material used in medical masks, 2 layers of cambric (cotton + silk). Medical mask not included.

This scarf awakens your ability to dream and to be happy as brightly and sincerely as a child. You remember how it was back then? Sorrow and joy were strong and consuming; the world could change in a moment, turned from friendly and full of happiness into frightening and dangerous. Connections, experiences, recognition bathed and reflected in clean and bright emotions. When a girl ran on the grass and a balloon was tied to her hand, it was happiness, and what a sorrow it was when it came loose and flew into the sky. Her mom tried to comfort her “it’s gone to your Winnie-the-Pooh and butterfly balloons”, but it was no use.


Masks for our new world. Beauty and laughter save this world