Amur tiger

He goes by many names — Amur, Ussuri, Siberian, Far Eastern. He’s the lord of vast and eternal taiga with 600-year-old pine forests, with rocky cliffs and ridges, with full-flowing rivers and blooming valleys of irises, lilies and orchids. There’s no other cats north of him, he’s the largest on this planet. He’s also known as Amba, a powerful spirit in Tungus-Manchu languages.
People call him that, but to avert his wrath, they never say his name out loud. Many nationalities live on the banks of Amur — Ulchis, Nanais, Manchu, Oroche, Nivkhs, Negidals, Evenkis. Over centuries they created their own mysterious and unique culture. And for them tigers are not just beautiful and powerful creatures, they are people. And some people are worthy of becoming tigers.
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Different country: Russia

Inspiration from centuries of Russian history, from all the territories it had ever had and  still has, from everything, related to its culture, art and craft, from the variety of cultural layers, from all events, inscribed in its history, from hearts and minds of different generations.