Universe — Persian-Pegasus Galactic Filament — Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex —
Laniakae Supercluster - Virgo Supercluster - The Local Group - The  Milky Way - Orion's Arm - Solar System - Earth.

Looking at the star filled sky do we realize how huge the universe really is? And how wonderful and unique the life in it is. How curious it is to feel like you’re just a sand grain in an endless ocean, and at the same time feel the galaxy inside. Inside of every human being. What is singularity, what’s in it in that fracture of a second when the universe emerged, that we can not explain? Who’s in it? How do nebulae turn into galaxies. Star clusters, interstellar gas and stardust, dark matter, dark energy, planets, Love.
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Different country: Russia

Inspiration from centuries of Russian history, from all the territories it had ever had and  still has, from everything, related to its culture, art and craft, from the variety of cultural layers, from all events, inscribed in its history, from hearts and minds of different generations.